Set Life Part 1

Set Life Part 1

4 Episodes

Welcome on set where nothing is what you imagined it to be. The high-pressure ride is thrilling, exciting, and action-packed with twists and turns.

Set Life Part 1
  • Set Life: Uncensored

    Episode 1

    Set life, unscripted, raw, and what you would never expect. Take a step behind the lens to see what really happens on set.

  • Set Life: The NFL Walk

    Episode 2

    Step into the NFL Stadium with us behind the scenes and be dazzled by what you will find. The excitement begins now.

  • Top Recruiter: NFL Stadium

    Episode 3

    When set life meets the NFL stadium to create a massive experience beyond expectations and imagination.

  • Set Life: Style In Action

    Episode 4

    It's time to step into style. On and off set the way you style is like a personalized image business card. Welcome to the stylish set life.